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What is Graphic Design?

'Graphic design' prefers to the visual presentation of ideas, such as layouts that enhance the promotion of a business in the form of brochures, logos, online graphic design (e.g. website and online ad design), business cards and corporate signage. The overall effect is not only neat and organized presentation, but also an increase in an organization's visibility and overall branding.

By using the unique Middle East and North Africa expertise that offers, our clients receive corporate identities and branding created to meet the needs specific to the region.

Creating Engaging, Inventive and Elegant Graphic Design

Just as business people wear suits and ties, you need to make sure the image your company projects through its visuals is similarly professional. However, successful graphic design is as much about functionality as it is about visual panache. In other words, it needs to be fit for purpose, be it grabbing the attention of the public or simply reflecting the personality of the company it represents.

With this in mind, work closely with our clients to ensure communication with their target market is as effective as possible. Thanks to our team of graphic designers, copywriters and marketing experts, we can add to existing branding, help develop ideas and even create a identity for a company, complete with visual identity and copy style.


Our graphic design services include:

  • Brochures
  • Trade show displays
  • Advertising design (print, billboard and digital)
  • Corporate identity
  • Annual reports (PDF layout and design)
  • Posters
  • Direct mail media campaigns
  • Copywriting
  • Marketing
  • Photography
  • A choice of English, Arabic, French and Russian

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