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Why choose social media marketing?

Social media was initially designed to bring people closer together. However, over recent years, its rise in popularity has led to many companies realizing its potential as a new marketplace that allows both a new type of marketing and a new type of relationship with the public.

The difference between a PR and social media marketing campaign is that latter is focused on strengthening the relationships that people have with your brand via a two-way interaction and takes place on a daily and continuous basis.

Rather than pursuing the customer, social media lets the customer come to the company. This occurs for a number of reasons – the most frequent being brand recognition and loyalty, and for unique offers –  and in the process of the one-on-one dialogue, companies are able to collect valuable customer information such as demographics and even product/service ideas.

Why choose recognizes that in order to raise the credibility of a brand, social media must become an expression of ongoing branding and work to actively support the other public relations strategies and goals.

That's why our social media marketing services help businesses to find their social media voice within the Middle East and North Africa, create social profiles, then manage and openly speak, listen and respond on the behalf of clients.

What social media marketing strategy and services can do for you:

  • Build an effective social media marketing campaign
  • Respond to comments on your brand and business
  • Set up an social media page and maintain your online presence
  • Utilize social media to drive traffic to your website
  • Distribute your targeted messages using multiple online channels
  • Provide pay per click advertising on a small or large budget in order get the top result spot on search engines


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